• Extremely versatile. Great work capacity

    Extremely versatile. Great work capacity

    Modo Grinders are built with electric motors that serve doses instantly, and start working on grinding the next dose, thus ensuring faster and more efficient service, as well as freshness and quality in each cup of coffee. They provide flexibility and speed for serving coffee in high-consumption environments.
  • A new concept. Streamline, optimise, and ensure control over the grinder

    A new concept. Streamline, optimise, and ensure control over the grinder

    Modo Grinders uses a smart and digital system that enables control over the number of doses served by each dispenser. By greater optimising your coffee, you will be able to offer a better product at the same cost, thus making sure your end consumers are satisfied and relate your brand to the highest quality tier in the market.
  • Strength and Durability Guaranteed

    Strength and Durability Guaranteed

    High power motors and stronger and more durable grinding teeth. Together with a stainless-steel body that guarantees resistance to daily wear and tear. However, not only do we provide a strength and durability guarantee backed by a suitable motor and proper grinding teeth, but also each piece of equipment is made with quality parts and electronics endorsed by our cross-company compliance with ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.
  • Astonishing maintenance

    Astonishing maintenance

    Modo Grinders are developed for professional use. That is why they must also be easy to maintain. Built with tough materials, they are incredibly durable and safe. As with any machine, they require maintenance. Modo Grinders were designed with a simple system for easily opening panels and exchanging parts. This makes it easy to clean and any part can be adjusted on site.

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