An efficient espresso coffee machine that meets every expectation when it comes to providing good coffee.

Reliable, efficient, and durable. Practika makes it possible to prepare coffee in a fast and clean fashion.

It is a very professional coffee machine made with quality materials to ensure a robust and long-lasting device.

An espresso machine you can count on year after year.

Cafetera 2 grupos praktica profesional
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Cafetera 2 grupos professional haciend 2 cafés
Quality Details Practika Espresso Machine

✓ Reliable, effective and durable

✓ Automatic coffee machine with two groups

✓ 1 electronic control

✓ 2 swithboards for cafe dosage volume control

✓ 12 liter tank

✓ 2 steam taps and one programmable water tap

✓ Easy handling, programming and repair

✓ Precision water connection gauges with temperature and pressure

Technical Specifications
Coffee dosage: 4 programmable doses + 1 continuous
Portafiltros: 1x single dose + 1x double dose
Water heater capacity: 12 liter (automatic refilling)
Anti-empty tank valve: Yes
Security valve: Yes
Resistance power: 2600W
Probe controlled level: Yes
Dimensions: 750 width x 530 depth x 500 height
Weight: 55kg
Boiler pressure: 100 kPa (1 Bar)
Minimum network water pressure: 300 kPa (3 Bar)
Pressure pump: 900 kPa (9 Bar)
Steam outlets: 2
Hot water outlets: 1

Ecconomic professional Coffee Machine for Hospitality use.


certificados calidad molinos modo iso9001 ce