We offer a complete and wide range of coffee grinders and solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each client.

Thanks to the robust materials we use in each grinder and the excellent professionals that develop each piece of equipment with the most advanced technology, we can guarantee durable and very professional machinery.

Discover the full range of Modo Grinders and choose the one that fits what you are looking for.

Gama completa molinos modo

Double Electronic Grinders Range

The Double Grinder for hospitality is developed to meet the most stringent needs. With two motors and two hoppers, it can work with two coffee varieties, one on each hopper, thus being more versatile and faster. Available for Direct Sales (Double Hospitality) or with Vending System (Double Vending). Ideal for Hospitality/Horeca establishments with large-scale consumption of coffee.

Simple Electronic Grinders Range

We know how important it is for every establishment to offer a good service. That is why we have developed the Single Electronic Grinders Range. These are characterised by their high precision and grinding quality, being very efficient and clean. Ideal for establishments with an average consumption level.

Thanks to the incorporation of an automatic smart system, all of our grinders dispense the precise coffee dose, either single or double, avoiding any waste. Save up to 20% more coffee with this revolutionary system.

Available in four versions, two of them with a direct sales system and two with a vending system. Choose the one that best fits what you are looking for.

Classic Electronic Grinders Range

The Classic Modo Grinders range was created by combining the classic and traditional system with a new line and renewed image. The result is a high quality coffee grinder that offers great guarantee.
Our grinders are made with robust materials that provide them with high resistance.
Available in Classic Lever or Classic telescopic press models.

Coffee Shop Grinder Range

Grinder created especially for the Coffee Shop grinders’ line. Designed with attractive lines and a very robust body, this professional grinder achieves the perfect grinding while maintaining all of the aromas of the coffee. It provides the highest quality grinding.

It is an easy-to-handle, average production grinder ideal for showcasing at public areas.


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