Electronic Grinder Vending System

Molino café vending DH Modo
Modo Grinders has developed a revolutionary Vending System that is incorporated into the electronic coffee grinders.
This instant payment system consists of a coin box that is located next to the grinder while the grinder hopper is inaccessible to the costumer, ensuring that the costumer cannot manipulate it or use another coffee.
The grinder is activated by inserting coins, and the credit is deducted every time a service is performed.
The price of each service is easily adjusted depending on the type of coffee used.
Thanks to this safe system, you can provide quality service while guaranteeing 100% of the servings are paid for.

Advantages of the Modo Electronic Grinder Vending System:

✓ Instant payment
✓ Fast delivery
✓ The costumer only pays for what they consume
✓ Avoids non-payments
✓ Only the authorised person has access to the grinder

With vending coffee grinders you ensure...

Happy customers

Customers so happy that are unwilling to change suppliers. With a MODO Grinder, they are yours. The coin box system used on the vending grinders is super easy for bars, cafeterias, and restaurants.

Just refill the credit with coins and forget about the bill at the end of the month. Nor will you have to remember to pay a bill, because the coffee is always paid for.

Bills paid

Delivering coffee is one thing. Receiving payment is another. With a MODO vending coffee Grinder there is immediate payment. All payments are 100% made fast and with no administrative associated costs.

Loyal customers

Customers having coffee grinders with a vending system are not only happy, but also have no reason to change supplier. With this comfortable payment system where they pay for the coffee they consume, they do not want to return to a lever grinder with monthly bills.



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